Build Your Space

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Build Your SpaceYour guide for planning an accessible space, from a bathroom to a whole home

About the Book

Are you looking for ways to create wheelchair accessible accommodations? Perhaps you plan to build or renovate, or you need some tips and ideas to help you stay in the home you love? Accessibility is so much more than just grab bars in bathrooms. Whether you are creating a space that works for you, your client or your loved one, Build YOUR Space helps you make decisions that will allow for reduced physical energy needs, improved safety during everyday activities, increased independence and the preservation of dignity. 

Build YOUR Space guides you through the process of planning an accessible space, from a single bathroom to a whole home. You will learn how the big decisions (like windows and flooring) can make as much of an impact as the small details like counter height and door handles. Build YOUR Space will help you customize your space to fit your personal requirements.

For those who build, renovate and design new buildings, author Julie Sawchuk will help you save time and money by doing it right the first time. Using her own home as an example, interviews from experts and further examples of unconventional accessible spaces, Build YOUR Space highlights all the tips and tricks that you didn’t know you needed to know.  

About the Author

Julie Sawchuk is an Accessibility Strategist, certified by the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification® program. As a published author and professional speaker, she combines her experience of living with a spinal cord injury with her passion for helping people make smart decisions when planning for accessibility. Julie has helped plan the renovations of small century-old buildings on the mainstreet of her hometown, as well as the design of the newly constructed Blyth Cowbell Brewing Co. Two Canadian International Airports have become RHFAC certified with Julie’s help and major Ontario cities have also come calling. Julie’s home is a showcase of how accessibility is not just functional, but also beautiful.

“Julie provides a thoughtful planning checklist of considerations to barriers, but also practical solutions to safely achieve independence at home that will help anyone living with a disability or caring for someone with one.”
-Rick Hansen, Founder, Rick Hansen Foundation

The book has officially been released and can be bought from amazon below. It’s available in both paperback and e-book. It’s reached #1 on Amazon already!