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Desire and Fear

This morning I awoke in a panicked sweat. I had been dreaming that I was working in a store on the corner of Younge and Bloor Streets in Toronto. It was a convenience type store, with a walk up window. For Younge and Bloor there weren’t many people about – a pandemic has that effect, […]

Surely I am not alone?

With so much to process about our current situation, I find that I keep asking myself this question. Surely I am not the only one feeling like this? How exactly is that? Trapped. Frustrated. Scared. Worried. Anxious. Stressed. Useless. It’s useless that was top of mind for me last night. I’m a problem solver by […]

Roadmap to Recovery

Here it is! Finally!! Book number TWO! Right now it’s not in paper form, but it’s free! You can read it in chapters or as a full download by clicking here: Roadmap to Recovery – finding your way forward after spinal cord injury by Julie Sawchuk. A free book brought to you by Spinal Cord […]


Why does you staying home matters to me? I didn’t realize how much I was doing until I was forced to stop it all. I was just getting going, hitting my stride, so to speak. And now? Well, no one’s going anywhere – at least they shouldn’t be.  I know you have heard of this […]

All over the map.

I’m not sure why I am so often surprised when I look out the window. It goes both ways: “it is still snowing?” or “man, that sun feels good!” I guess that is my reason for not writing for so long…it’s either too grey and there is nothing but regular life or the sun is […]

My Apology

It seems as though I owe you an apology. I am good. Well, fine…better than I was four and a half years ago. I’m happy that I am proud of all that I have written; because reposting something from the past may cause you, or someone you know, grief! Thank you to the Lucknow area […]

That woman of 42

It is amazing to me how one photo can just bring me to my knees. How four and a half years later, even with this life I have re-built, one picture can bring back the loss. It felt like I was looking at someone who died, was gone from my life for so long I […]

Opening up means mission accomplished

I’ve been stewing over this for the past 12 hours. What to say? What words even come close to describing what I feel? Plus, I know it is risky too? Why is that risky? Why can’t I just say it? “It” by the way, is how to start to say thank you. Because it doesn’t […]

Build YOUR Space – the Open House edition

Although writing has still been a priority for me, I just haven’t made it to this space to do so! But there is a good reason for that – Build YOUR Space: How to create an accessible home for your, your family and your future, is now a published book! Written and published by me, […]

Make an offer

My kids think they are smarter than me. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There are times that I wish the paparazzi would follow me around just so I could share with you what my life is like day to day. Yesterday would have been a great example. I dropped the kids off at the […]