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Here it is! Finally!! Book number TWO! Right now it’s not in paper form, but it’s free! You can read it in chapters or as a full download by clicking here:

Roadmap to Recovery – finding your way forward after spinal cord injury by Julie Sawchuk. A free book brought to you by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

What is this about?

My new life started four years and eight months ago. At that time I had no idea what was going to happen or what “recovered” would be like. During those first few months, and over the year that followed, Theo and I looked for help, a resource to guide us through. Such a thing didn’t exist, so I vowed to write it, and I told you I would.

I started out writing about my own experience, then I moved to interviewing the health professionals that were involved in my recovery. I formed a partnership with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) and we received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Working with SCIO helped me make connections to the community of people living with spinal cord injuries, which was the last bit of information that was needed to tie it all together. 

Now, I am proud to be launching my second book: Roadmap to Recovery – finding your way forward after spinal cord injury. Although I started writing it for people with new spinal cord injuries, it evolved into a part-story, part-resource for anyone in the spinal cord injury community and beyond. If you or someone you know has an SCI, read it! If you work with people who have an SCI, read it! If you have down-time right now, read it!

This book is available for free download (thanks to the Trillium grant) from the SCIO website. Once things settle down and people can go back to their offices it will also be available in print. 

Thank you

I’d like to thank all of the people who helped me see this project through to completion, without your support, this book would not exist – Theo, Ella, Oliver, my parents, siblings and friends. I interviewed everyone I could think of – all the doctors, nurses, therapists, and others involved in my care over the past four years. I thank you for helping me with this, and for helping me get through. Because I made it through. Thank you for being with me.

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