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Build YOUR Space – the Open House edition 5

Although writing has still been a priority for me, I just haven’t made it to this space to do so! But there is a good reason for that – Build YOUR Space: How to create an accessible home for your, your family and your future, is now a published book! Written and published by me, with photography from Heather Dietz Photography, the book walks you through the process of building an accessible home. It also showcases the workmanship of Casey Boven (and his crew) from CMB Construction and Paul Vandermolen (and his crew) of The Lawnmaster.

This is the cover of Julie's book. Build YOUR Space is the title. Julie sits on the front porch of the house.

I also want to thank Rick Hansen and the Rick Hansen Foundation. They have been cheering me on for some time now, and last week I finally got to meet Rick and many of the Vancouver staff at the #APN2019 in Toronto. I had so much to say to him I didn’t even know where to start! Mostly, I just wanted to thank him, for doing everything he has done to create a more accessible world over the past 32 years and for supporting my writing. When you read the book you will see that he even wrote the forward.

Julie with Rick Hansen. Julie has a copy of Build YOUR Space in her hands. Julie and Rick are smiling.

We love, love, love our new home. It’s bright, spacious and everyone can be everywhere. From my perspective especially, I have a level of energy that I did not think would be possible. That is what I wanted to share with the world; access is more than just getting into a space, it’s also about being able to use a space as efficiently as possible. Energy is a precious commodity!

Consider this your invitation to our Open House and Build YOUR Space book launch on November 16th from 10 am until 2 pm. Come when it’s convenient for you and you can see for yourself that accessible can also be beautiful. We are at 40861 Blyth Rd. 3km east of Blyth on the south side.

Build YOUR Space will be available for sale on the 16th for $20 (cash) or you can buy it from by clicking here. We hope to see you!


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