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Getting There

The lone bloom of the coneflower.

This afternoon I asked Oliver to take a few photos for me. I could see, from the kitchen, a lonely purple flower out in the tall grasses. Like kids do, he took more than a few; I liked this one the best for what you see and what you don’t see.

When we built last summer a whole lot of earth was moved, including our kitchen garden – strawberries, perennials, rhubarb, shed, posts and all. Most of it forms a mountain of topsoil outside the pool windows at the east end of the house. But some things escaped the suffocation of being piled so high – and this is one. A lonely coneflower out in the tall grass that has emerged from the mud of the spring.

In the background you can see the new house; bedroom on the right and kitchen on the left. In the far left you can see the old house – soon to come down or be totally overgrown with grapevine; not sure which will happen first.

What you don’t see is the patio that is slowly emerging from the mud. Solid, smooth and warm, the stone will provide a path and seating area all along the back of the house. One of the final pieces will be raised beds for growing all those beautiful plants again.

I could make a cornie analogy about this coneflower standing tall amongst the grasses even though it has been dug up and trampled by a Hi-Ho, but that really is taking things too far.

I don’t have more to say – just remember to stop, every once-in-a-while, and smell the roses.

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