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The Queen of Selfcare 2

My friend Annie called me this last week. She was proud of me because I rented a cottage for a few days to get away and get some writing done. I also had equal time with Theo, by myself and with some friends. I had been looking forward to it for months, and it was time and money well spent.

Today I was reminded again of how important selfcare is because I was able to do this:

Third set of 10 push-ups

I have been going to physio with Marc every week (with few exceptions) so I can get stronger – my weekly selfcare.

What you see here is the result. This funny elbow angle shows me doing push-ups from my knees. Marc is holding my feet to make sure that I don’t slide down the mat, but otherwise it’s all me. This, my friends, is incredible! Why? Because I am activating muscles in my core not just to lift up my hips, but to control them side-to-side as well – and all below my injury level.

Why do push-ups matter? How does that help my life? Doing push-ups does not mean I can walk, but having that core strength makes everything else I do easier. A transfer from my chair to any other surface, including the couch, is now easier; I’m stronger and have more control.

I’m sharing this not to brag. Not at all, in fact. I’m sharing this to remind you how important selfcare is. Where do you need to be stronger in your life? And I don’t just mean physically stronger. We need strength in all areas of our lives – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Where do you need to be stronger?

Figure it out, get down, and give me ten!


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