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I’ve been killing time tonight. Here we are, to almost the longest day of the year, and today I’m wishing it to be shorter. My nerves are on fire today. All of them (from the chest down). I’m actually debating if they are on fire or my body is plunged in an ice bath. Either way I’m waiting for the day to end so the night can begin and I can go to sleep. Even with curtains we’ve found our bedroom to be a bit of a fishbowl 🙂

In the meanwhile I found a few photos that represent how I’ve been spending the rest of my time.

I lost my wallet, of all places, at the mall. What I think happened was, in our rush to leave the mall and get Ella to work on time, I placed it on my lap (instead of my backpack) and it fell off without me realizing it (because I can’t feel that it falls). Three days later I realized it was gone. I phoned the mall (last place I had it) and some kind hearted good samaritan had found it and turned it into Mall Security. Strange that the mall did not call me to tell me they had it, but I got it back – all my cards AND my cash – in one piece. There are a lot of good people out there.

I am proud to be wearing my RHF Ambassador name badge again. I have missed working with kids and last week I found so much joy helping them see life through a different lens.

I love being in the car when the right story comes on the radio. Ella and I caught an episode of “Out In The Open” from CBC that I found a real connection to. Have a listen because Chelsea was able to put into words something that I didn’t even know I wanted to say: Why people find asking for help so hard to do. Out in the Open

In my time killing tonight I was looking through some older photos and I found this one. I love the beauty of Huron county!

I found this little gem of a grab bar a couple of weeks ago. It’s in the public pool in Picton, in the “accessible” washroom. I’d sure like to see that one fixed.

And last but not least I have found that adding what seems like an extreme amount of salt to my food has helped improve (increase) my blood pressure. It was an accidental experiment that was the result of trying to eat these over-marinated stuffed portabella mushrooms.

If you haven’t found a way to read my chapter from Shine, The Citizen has been publishing it one third at a time. Here is the first section. Shine.

You can also find the whole book on Amazon.

I’m almost done the second draft of my first whole book: Build YOUR space – How to create an accessible home that is perfect for you, your family and your future. Stay tuned!

Life’s funny. You never know what you are going to find. Tomorrow is always better and yesterday Oliver and I had a Monday Morning pool party.

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