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It’s snowing; no pressure. 1

It’s about time I let you know what’s being going on with me, the build and the future. The most best place to start, because it’s the most significant, it the house. First question anyone asks is “how’s the house?” My response: “beyond expectations!” The funny part (well, to me) is the second question is always “what’s the move in date?” I find it funny because all we are doing is moving from a house that is about eight feet away (from corner to corner), we have no “closing date”. This, in the end, may prove problematic because that move may drag on forever!

It’s hard to see because of the glare of the sun, but the roof is slate grey and the window frames are Venetian red. The blue mat is a “mobi mat” from my friend Keith, it helps me get through the loose gravel.

This is the living room (like the dance floor?) šŸ™‚

Front hall with amazing tile flooring mosaic!

The drywall is complete just about everywhere, same with the flooring. Painting is happening as I write (although I can’t see out this window, so I don’t know for sure). Windows, doors, steel roof – all done and all are absolutely gorgeous. I have made bathroom tile, paint and kitchen back-splash orders as well as all the lighting (should start arriving today)!












View through the kitchen – scaffolding sits about where the island will go.

Appliances will be picked up today or early next week because the kitchen comes on the 24th – that is the most exciting thing of all!Ā Already there have been changes since these photos have been taken. We’ve already enjoyed sunsets from the kitchen windows and I’ve spent time in my new office working in the sunshine.

In other news, my health is a bit better. The medication I am taking to RAISE my blood pressure is working, although not consistently, so I still have to judge – do I have enough energy to do this? – which I find VERY hard to do. This weekend, for example, is going to be tough for that. But the show must go on!Ā Victim Services Dancing with the StarsĀ happens Saturday night!Ā  Click on that link to watch live on Facebook – you don’t have to have an account to watch.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting

Les and I will be there to spin up the dance floor. I can’t begin to explain all the work that has gone into this night – every couple has been practising for months (I think Les and I started last November?) Tickets sold out before they were even printed – this is the 10th anniversary for this event. It is so popular that they opened the dress rehearsal on the Friday night – and it sold out too! There have been thousands of dollars of donations made for the live and silent auction.


All the funds raised will go to support the work of Victim Services Huron County. This is an organization that means a lot to me, and my family, because they were there for us on July 29, 2015. Gosh, that seems like such a very long time ago…

The next big thing on my horizon are being a part of this book! Image may contain: textI will be a co-author, which means I’ll be writing a chapter, telling my story. Launch day is in February, but I’ve already written my outline! The book will be available on Amazon and the first two volumes were best sellers! My publisher, Suzanne, is fantastic. She’s probably the most organized woman I have ever met! She is from BC, but the distance doesn’t seem to matter. We’ve already started talking about what book is next…

This week I had the opportunity to participate in an old fashioned kitchen table radio forum at the Rural talks to Rural Conference in Blyth. What a great opportunity!Ā Rural talks to RuralĀ Here is a link to learn more about what happened at the conferenceĀ Rural talks to Rural forums


Ellen Peel – owner and midwife – North Huron Midwives with two committee members Laurie and Lorie.

As a part of the County accessibility committee I helped celebrate the awards handed out to local businesses – all who went out of their way to improve the access for all in their buildings. Winners were: Glassier Physio, North Huron Midwives, Blyth Memorial Hall, Cowbell, IPM 2017 and the North Huron Heath Centre. Safe and accessible places are few and far between – it’s so amazing to have been a part of all of these projects and to help them have been recognized for their efforts.

Right now I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to finish this post and all I can here is Theo and Elaine harassing me to go and have a nap. “Don’t leave it so long that you don’t have time to rest”. Time to rest has been hard to find. Expectations of my own and of others’ (as I perceive them) are quite high.Ā And then this pops up on the FB feed –Ā SCIOntario researchmore to follow on this news down the road.Ā 

P.S. I can’t wait until I can park in my garage!

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  • Betty Shaw says:

    Great job tonight Julie – what a wonderful evening.
    The house looks beautiful- canā€™t wait for you to park in the garagešŸ˜Š

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