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Pictures of time

The downtime I have had this weekend is giving me a chance to catch up and reflect at the same time. I have my “Miss April” calendar page on my wall even though it is April 2017 – which means that this photo was actually taken TWO years ago!

We often say “where does the time go?” I know where two years have gone. It’s gone to days like today, but it’s also gone to days like this one –  working on my core strength and posture with Marc. Here we had decided that the grey workout bench was the best replica of a horse – I hope that as a family we may give horseback riding a chance this summer.

And lately some of my best time is spent with my dancing shoes on. I have a 14 second clip of what Les and I have been working on, but I don’t want to give away any of our secrets, yet.







Time is spent on the road to London:

working on standing:

and lunch with friends.

I have had quite a bit of interest in helping others make accessibility improvements. Some have made valiant efforts – but miss the mark.

The new Mobi-mat at the beach in Goderich. They almost got it right, except for the 8″ gap between the mat and the cement. Just enough sand to get completely stuck in.

Many of my mornings have been spent on my FES bike – trying to get up early enough to ride, do my bathroom routine, shower, dress and get to my first appointment on time. Tricky business, but after what I learned in Edmonton about the benefits of FES therapy – I push myself (sometimes too hard) to do it as often as I can.

And then of course there is the rather large project that we have started in our side yard…only a few decisions to be made, every once-in-a-while.

Trusses become new toy.

Trusses arrive.


Walls are built.

Walls go up!

Showing my future roll in shower and pool (behind).


Our future family room!

So that, my friends, is where time goes.

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