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Who says it always rains in Vancouver? 2

I wanted to write everyday, but there has been so much to do here in Vancouver, it has not been possible. I wanted to tell you all the details of what I have been learning and about all the people I have met – but I can’t keep up! I’ve even had homework!

Ella and I are keeping busy at school every day from 930 until 430, then we are off to find a new kind of food for dinner and a different sight to see. This weekend was a blast because Erin came from Canmore to spend it with us and we did just about everything on Ella’s list of “things to to in Vancouver”. We even got to hang out with Doug on Grouse Mountain and could see all the way back to the city!

This place (in the photo) was by far my favourite. Level, flat, view to die for, fresh sea air, warm sunshine and goes on for miles. Known as the seawall, this is Stanley Park, and I love it there. I would move here just for this trail.



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