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What’s next? I’ll need your help for this one…

When opportunity knocks? Take it.

Some people I know have been struggling with their mental health lately. It’s tough, because it’s so difficult to know what to do, or how to help. I am beginning to think that checking in as often as is reasonable is the best strategy. See how things are going, ask a few specific questions and make sure that they themselves have enough to keep them occupied.

It’s been a tough winter for me – getting out in the snow has not happened very much and it drives me crazy that my kids won’t just strap on their snowshoes and head out and enjoy the snow. If they did perhaps I could live vicariously through them? I’d like to try anyway.

This is one of the best public bathrooms I have found yet – Basil Box on Younge Street.

Because I have to keep myself occupied (to prevent my mind from going to dark places) I have cooked up some projects to be a part of. The biggest undertaking will be heading out to BC to Vancouver Community College to attend the two week Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Program. I plan on being one of the first people in Ontario to be able to put the Rick Hansen stamp of approval on accessible buildings.  To get there, I’ll be using the Air Canada points donated by the Underwoods, but I am looking for some help to cover the other expenses (tuition and accomodations).

Bathrooms like this boggle my mind…the intent is there, but the bars are both placed in ways that makes them completely useless! Verticals is too far from the toilet and horizontal has the tp overtop making its use for leverage completely impossible.

So if you are able to give me a hand, I’d appreciate it. I know that I will come back to the community ready to help solve accessibility problems and reinvigorated with the tools to do so. Click on this link and it will take you to my fundraising campaign.

In the meantime I’ll be reading the Ontario Building Code, Designing Accessible Outdoor Spaces and the City of Guelph Facilities Accessible Design Manual. Perhaps I’ll make these bedtime reading? I need to know more than I currently do before I head out. There is an exam at the end of the course, run by CSA, and if I don’t pass there will be serious consequences!

Help me on my mission make bathrooms like this…a thing of the past!


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