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30 going on 60 4

Days, that is.

It’s hard to believe that 30 days have passed. I was sure it would drag out and be miserable. But it turns out that was only the first week and around day 14.

Image may contain: foodThis is what many of my breakfasts have looked like over the last 30 days. I agree, it looks good (and tasted good too) but I really have missed my oatmeal. It was tough for the first week or so – cutting everything out and eating only meat, nuts, eggs, good fats, veg and fruit – but after that it was smooth sailing. At day four or five all I wanted to do was eat chips or cookies or muffins or anything really, but I got over it and started drinking tea.

The Whole30 is what this eating plan is called. I am not one to diet, never really have, so I look at this as a change of eating habits. I think what made the first week hard was ending sugar – that and the fact that I inherited my father’s sweet tooth. Just one cookie, eh? Yeah, right. And one square of chocolate turns into the whole row (you know, those lovely extra large PC dark chocolate bars that I’m talking about).

Sugar is in everything. And I mean everything. Even my homemade salsa has sugar in it. So breaking the sugar habit is tougher still because everything has to come from scratch – more work and planning, but in the end, is worth it. This is the whole30 idea – whole foods. Things that you can just pick up and take a big bite out of. You can’t do that with flour, oats or rice, cans of chickpeas – all those things that are up and down the isles in the grocery store. It really has meant just picking up the fresh stuff and enjoying our Trick Farm grass fed beef, Storey humanely raised pork and the Reid farm chicken. Of course, eating like this in the summertime will be even easier – hello garden and farmers’ markets!

I didn’t set out to lose weight (although it would have been reassuring to have lost more than just two pounds), but guess who can button up her snow pants again?? Me!!

I’m going to do another 30 days and see if I can tell a change in my nerve pain. That is what I set out to do – and the jury is still out.


  • Bryan Proctor says:

    Keep it up Julie. It’ll be very much worth it in the long run. And, I do understand about your dad’s sweet tooth !

  • Ernest Dow says:

    Well done for sticking with it!

  • Sharon Dee says:

    It’s obvious from most of your blog & photos, that you’re not living in isolation on ODSP $1100 a month. Most are living in a small room and eating anything they can get from the foodbank & recycling bins. You’re reality does not portray life as a person with a disability. 90% of Ontarians are living in poverty with minimal supports. Your picture is true for a few, but is giving false hope to most to live / exist with these barriers. Experience on both sides of the coin.

  • javhd says:

    Loved the post keep it up!

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