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Adding to “The List” 3

This week Oliver turns 12, we headed out to do his choice of activities to celebrate his day – the things that all kids love: tubing and laser tag! There’s always a bit of hesitation (for me) when trying something new, especially if it involves a different physical environment. I put on my NEW snow pants and we headed out onto the sunny slopes at Chicopee Tube Park. Before we left home my sweet, sweet boy (perhaps prompted by his loving father) asked me if I’d be okay if I couldn’t tube (how would I get up the hill?) or do laser tag (there are a lot of “ramps”). I wondered why he was asking and his response was that he wanted me to have fun too. Sweetest. Kid. Ever.

I’ll admit that I did contemplate staying home (the prospect of having a whole day at home alone was quite enticing) but I wanted to see my boy having fun. I was also confident that these places would be welcoming and inclusive for people of all abilities.  I was right – “accessible” washroom, lift to the second floor, automatic doors.

It was a good thing that I went with my “crew” because there was no other way I would have gotten to the top! Theo (who tracks his steps with his watch) got an extra workout by adding 150 lbs to each of the steps he took up that hill. They only had one part of the moving carpet going today; by the second run everyone (except me) was sweating – I heard one kid say they were sweating down into their boots!

Talk about trust. This is what happens getting off at the top of the moving carpet – Theo is holding my tube by the strap – were he to let go I would have rocketed down the hill taking out all the people that were walking up – like a giant pinball game!

And this is my last run. I’m going to have to check that my butt did not get too bruised doing this – I can’t exactly feel it, but I know that I don’t have as much padding as I used to (i.e. muscle).

As you can see, LaserQuest was no problem…Wheel Mama took the first floor by storm! Those little six-year-old girls didn’t know what hit them 🙂

Only evil movie characters can out-shoot me!

Happy Birthday to my Oliver – the most gentle and fun loving soul of a boy. Thank you for helping me add some new “can do” to The List.

Whole30 Update: Day 13. Some days have been easier than others. For someone who thought she ate well, this has been tough. Thanks to Elaine, my partner in crime, I’ve not had to re-start.  Almost halfway there and I dare say I may be feeling better? But the jury is still out on the nerve pain…


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