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A losing Winners

I have spent a lot of resources (time and money) in the past two years trying to find the right pair of pants (easy to pull up but don’t fall down). It’s harder than you’d think. Winners has often been the place to find something that works – so when I can (i.e. I have time and some help) I pop in to take a look. Of course popping in can often cost upwards of $100 (once I also find a pair of gloves or a nice long sleeved knit top).

This photo was taken at the Winners located at Younge and Dundas, downtown Toronto, on Sunday morning at 11am. On Younge, there is a revolving door and another door that can only be opened from the inside. These escalators are not even wide enough for me to get on (we thought we’d try). No elevator. No sign that says  there is another access off of Dundas St just around the corner. No sign.

How is it possible that at the busiest tourist location in Canada a retail outlet can do such a poor job of being accessible? One sign! That’s all they needed to do. One sign in the window that says where I would be able to enter the store. I understand that improving accessibility in towns and cities that were built more than 100 years ago is a challenge. I’m not asking for an elevator everywhere there is a set of stairs. Just some thought, and maybe a policy that requires thought be given on how to make a location inclusive.

So Winners, you lost my business on Sunday. I chose not to go around the corner because you chose not to put up a sign. Maybe even the next time it crosses my mind to pop in for something, I might choose to change my mind and save that $100.

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