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More reasons to write

Every day in Ontario another person is diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. For some it will be because of a trauma, for others it may even be from violence. Others yet may learn that, because of a tumor or a virus, they may never walk again

It is with this in mind that I am now writing (and have been for several months) a book. It is not a novel or a reflection on my life post collision; it is a resource. Over the past two years I have learned a lot, much of which does not appear in any book or website that I have been able to find. My stack of reference books is growing, but none so far have filled where I see a void.

My goal is to get this reference, a “roadmap to recovery”, into the hands of anyone who finds themselves in acute care with an SCI. It will guide them through the people and the processes of getting the most out of the systems that are in place to help with recovery. The list of people and places involved is quite long; my stack of cards is still growing.

I have a few potential partners for this venture, but nothing sorted out quite yet. I thank Bill and Nikki for the office space – a neutral place to write! 

This will be my last post on the blogger site. I am changing platforms to wordpress and it will be hosted on my NEW WEBSITE! Thanks to Michele Studhalter, I have this beautiful site – now I just have to learn how to work with it!

You will be able to continue to receive notifications of new blog posts – visit and click on the red bell at the very bottom right corner of the homepage. You can always click on “contact me” and send me a message too!

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