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This is my favourite picture from Greg’s Ride. You can almost see my whole family as we were setting off on this sunny fall day. Greg’s Ride is the major fundraising event that Share the Road puts on each year.

The whole purpose of Share the Road is advocacy. Making governments (Provincial and Municipal) sit up and listen. Listen to the stories (like mine) that will make them understand that changes are needed in order to make cycling safer.

On Wednesday last week, I was thrilled to be a part of the group who presented the Huron County Cycling Strategy to County Council. We started out presenting the Strategy to the members of council, then we handed out bumper stickers and a couple of us spoke in support. Then they voted, unanimously, to start implementing the recommendations! What a great feeling that was for all those involved.

After we left council chambers I got “swept up” in a media frenzie! A couple of the local radio stations were there, waiting to hear the outcome and they wanted to speak to me after. It was a bit surreal – being pulled away from my friends to speak into the microphone. The Beach did a great job splicing my random comments together 🙂

My point, I guess, is that we would not have been able to do this so quickly or so effectively without the support of Share the Road. When our friend Erin designed the bumper sticker after my collision we knew about Share the Road, but I (for one) did not know how much work they had already done to make cycling safer. Now, we know first hand. Because of the workshops they did in Huron County last spring, we have full support of County Council to form a Cycling Advisory Committee.  One of the Councilors said “We can not get that signage up fast enough”. Change is going to happen.

So when Jamie, ED of the Share the Road, asked me if they could use our bumper stickers for their Winter Campaign I hooked her up with Ken at Blyth Printing and voila! We now have magnets! I know not everyone wants to put a sticker on their car (ahem, Elaine) so we made beautiful magnets that you can move from your summer car to your winter car anytime you like!

So please, if you have not yet exhausted your charitable donations for the year, support Share the Road. You will be helping make change in Ontario. Roads will be safer for cyclists – because that is you, me, your kids, siblings, parents and your friends.

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  • Congratulations!! That's got to feel good! You're doing amazing things, Julie. I saw a car with a "Share the Road" bumper sticker just outside my school the other day (I love those sightings). We have an envelope with $$ raised for you.

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