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Sometimes, if I sit for long enough in my la-z-boy watching netflix, I can forget about my paralysis. Almost. Until I have to get up. I put down the foot rest and upright my chair. Then I wait for the spastisity to relax. [It’s gotten a bit better because I am back on the meds I was on before, but it’s not gone because I have yet another (or perhaps the same) infection.] I haul my butt up the slider board and back into my wheelchair. Bed time.

It’s the night before a “bathroom” day which means I get a nightcap of milk of magnesia. When I was teaching science we used to have some in the chemical storage room. I used it in an experiment once and was highly doubtful that it existed for the purposes of human consumption. Well, it is, because people (like me) consume it. That doesn’t mean it is fit for consumption. It makes me want to gag and feel nauseous for a little while, but it does it’s job (usually).

The other substance I have been consuming regularly are the UTI drops. I have been told that they could be used as an air freshener (because they are so strong) or as something to clear one’s sinuses. They were working for me, but then something changed. I am not really sure what that was, but I know that the company is backing them. I got a message today from the representative that said she was sending me two bottles of the “old stock” that I had been using before. She found it in a warehouse in Alberta and she was putting them in the mail to me free of charge. I quite respect how much they have stood behind their product. I sure hope these ones help me break this infection streak.

The other beverage that is supposed to help with UTIs is cranberry. Yes, you can take concentrated cranberry pills, but there is no regulation about how much actual cranberry is in them. I asked Oliver to pour me a glass the other day and he said “I dare you to drink it without making a face!” This is the unsweetened juice, face puckering stuff. It’s expensive too – pure just no sugar – for about $9.00! I would pay anything to feel better. The active ingredient that makes the difference (prevents bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder) is D-Mannose. It also comes as a supplement. It’s a form of sugar, but it doesn’t act like a sugar. It, for one, does not taste awful.

Since I stopped taking my pain pill at night I don’t fall asleep like I used to. I did not realize until a few days ago that there was a connection. It must make me woozy enough to fall asleep quickly. I have been trying to meditate in lieu of drugs, but that does not happen very regularly. I refuse to start taking sleeping pills again, they make me super groggy in the morning. So what am I left with? Melatonin seems to help but I am afraid of what it might be doing to my teeth. It is supposed to hangout under your tongue (good blood circulation there) which it does. If it stays there all night (unless you talk in your sleep) then you are left with the chalky substance filming your teeth. Which reminds me I need to get back to see Dr. Lee…

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This is my collection of just some of the things I have to take…

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