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With some help I have been doing some sorting. This is the result: 11 empty bins! Now, to be fair, some of the contents of these bins are still in the house like outdoor winter clothes and some pants I found for Oliver to wear this year…but a lot of stuff is gone. We have taken it to charity, some things to sell at Family Tree (sorry Jen:) and a few things into the garbage. Stuff. It’s all just stuff. Toys, clothes, fabric, some kitchen stuff and shoes. Why do we hold on to so much stuff?

As the kids get older they lose interest in some of their toys – boy is it hard to get those toys out of the house! “But Mom, I might want to play with that again!!” True – for about ten minutes.

I gave away two bins full of fabric that I hope will get put to good use. You see 15 years ago, when we were living in Toronto, I worked at Fabricland. I loved to score the ends of a roll of fabric because it was 75% off, plus employee discount. I would keep my eye on fabric that I really wanted and then swoop in and buy it. I would even buy fabric that I didn’t have my eye on – just because maybe I would use it. Well, for now, my sewing days are on hold. I will have to get a machine that is fully hand controlled and I will need a space to set up. So I let all that fabric go, keeping only two pieces of knit because now everything I wear has to have stretch.

I also went through my dresses. I had a lot of dresses – I loved to wear them to work – and they were all beautiful. Most of them have a specific memory attached to them – my green Earth Day dress, my 40th birthday party dress, my make-me-feel-skinny denim dress and many that I made myself. It was hard to say goodbye to them all. Now it will be up to someone else to wear them – and feel beautiful.

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