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A Good Day 5

Funny that I am having a hard time starting this post.

Finally. It was a good day. Likely it has a lot to do with the fact that I got to spend the whole day with Theo – we have been apart for three days, and getting him back just sooths my soul. Holding his hand, watching him get to know other patients, how he voluntarily cleans up my space, when he asks the exact same questions as me at OT and feeling his skin. It all reminds me why I love him.

The vain part of me also knows why it was a good day…I got my teeth fixed! I can smile again. I love to smile, and for the past four weeks I have been very aware of my two front teeth. I have limited smiling or even covered my mouth to prevent those two awful teeth from showing. How vain is that? I couldn’t help it. I loved my teeth – they were perfect and all with not a penny spent. I never had braces or a mouthpiece or heaven forbid surgery. It was a free, perfect smile and I showed it all the time. I work with a very wise woman who once said “Always be the best dressed person in the room”. And I totally agree with her. Now that my teeth are back, I no longer have to waste precious energy trying to hide my smile.

Down the road I will spend more time writing about PT an OT, there is so much to tell, but one thing must be mentioned today as it’s another reason for my good day. While sitting on the physio bed (called a plinth) Kristen was wanting me to balance sitting up without help. Which is hard, but I was trying. Shoulders back and relaxed, head tall, chin in (no turtle) and abs tight. I give her a look when she says “abs tight” and she says “just imagine you are pulling in your abs” and she places her hand on my belly. So I do as she says and imagine my abs tightening. And I did it. Kristen said she felt me do it and she made me do it again. And I did. I don’t know what it means, but it must be good, some signals are getting through.

I also had company tonight for dinner, and I didn’t have to eat hospital food (I’ll save that topic for another post). Steve and Lisa brought nacho night (minus the margaritas) that we ate outside enjoying the fresh air and catching up. Lisa asked if I was ready for more visitors and I told her that I am. I am limited as to where I can go in my wheelchair on my own – so I make it the job of my company to get me outside. I have been living in a bubble here, so I need outside people to keep me sane. And make for more good days.


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